Fourteen Extended Update

As you may have noticed, Fourteen Extended is currently not available for download at WordPress repository.

The code needs re-review and reworked so that it is forward compatible and safe for use going forward.

For more details on this please contact me.

The plugin is available on GitHub for forking and for pull requests – this is a community plugin and anyone can contribute in any which way they can.

On another topic, you will have notice my recent absence which was due to ill health and I’m further delayed by my other bread and butter projects. With this in mind, please be aware that support in the forum both here and at will be very limited for sometime. I will however, give as much support as I can fit in and hope to get back the normal level of support I was giving before as soon as possible.

Once again thank you for reading and for your support thus far – much appreciate your understanding.



Just wanted to post a quick announcement re my current absence from the site activity.

Unfortunately I suffer from acute heyfever and it is particularly bad this year round – I’m therefore on severely reduced PC usage time!

I hope you’ll all understand and bare with me as I recover and will aim to get back in to activity as soon as I possibly can.

Thanks in advance,

Fourteen Extended Beta 1.2.3

Beta Version 1.2.3 is now ready for testing.

PLEASE NOTE: As with previous beta versions, essentially this is the same plugin as the stable versions i.e. same functions are employed. So before you activate the plugin please be sure to deactivate the stable version first otherwise you’ll get a “Can Not Re-declare Warning” .

With that said, here’s what is happening with this version

== Changelog ==

= 1.2.3 =

  • Reintroducing the featured-content.php template – Jetpack conflict can not be recreated and the two works fine together.
  • NEW: Added option to switch Primary (Left) Sidebar to the right of content-sidebar {Experimental}.
  • NEW: Added option to select featured order by – By Date Order | Random Order | Title Menu Order | Order By Post Name
  • NEW: Added options to switch featured display order – Descending Order | Ascending Order.
  • Fixed Undefined index Notice reported here:

Removing the featured-content.php from the previous version not only was it a hard decision to make but a bad one too – I should have investigated and tested thoroughly before proceeding with the move. For that, my sincere apologies.

I have therefore reintroduced the file as it has a few modifications in it from the original that made things work better than they do without it. And in my testing and re-testing I could not replicated the reported issues with Jetpack – but I do welcome a second opinion so please do let me know if things break or don’t function as they should.

The “Switch Primary Sidebar” to the right is marked as “Experimental” as it needs good testing and this is where I need your help. Please test this option any which way you can, try to break it and if it does then let me know – together we can fix/work it 🙂

The next two options are also experimental – some combinations will not work as well for some Custom Post Types as they do for posts, so once again I’m relaying on your feed back to get things working the way we all want them to.

OK, enough rumbling on – here’s the download link, happy testing 🙂

[wpdm_file id=1 title=”true” desc=”true” ]

Sequel – A Twenty Fourteen Child theme

The saga continues with the Sequel 🙂

Sequel is a child theme for the Twenty Fourteen default theme and aims to build on and expand upon the parent theme.

Main features of the theme are…

  1. The ability to switch the home blog feed to the grid format – see demo here: The Sequel
  2. Set the Featured section to full width above content and both sidebars.
  3. Author bio page to mimic the Contributors page
  4. Upload a site logo

And when combined with the Fourteen Extended & Styles: TwentyFourteen plugins, Sequel becomes a power house with ample customization to build an awesome looking sites.

Sequel has been uploaded to the WordPress repository and is currently awaiting review. In the meantime you can download a copy below to take for a test drive today….

[wpdm_file id=3]

As always, your feedback are very important to me and your suggestions will help me improve the theme even further – so please take a moment to either leave a comment below or participate in the forums to let me know what you think.

Styles TwentyFourteen Plugin

Introducing the Styles TwentyFourteen plugin.

This plugin is an add on to the Styles plugin and facilitate customize options for fonts and colors to most of the Twenty Fourteen elements.

Change font size, change font and change color for the element – all in one place. Combine Fourteen Extended together with Styles TwentyFourteen for an awesome theme customization powerhouse!

As this is a new plugin, please consider it to be a beta version and all feedback/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Download your copy below and start customizing to make your site all awesome.

GlobalOptions[wpdm_file id=2]

Plugin is being submitted to the to be consider for inclusion in the repository – when approved you’ll be able to download, install and update it automatically via your WordPress dashboard.

I look forward to your continual support and feedback to make our tools even better enhancements to your WordPress user experience.

Warm regards,
Zulf (Zulfikar Nore)

WP Default Test Ground

I’m happy to announce that WP Default has been converted to a multi site to facilitate demos for our products as well as give you access to test out the beta version.

What this means for you – as a member of WP Default you can now register a site i.e and test drive any of the products before you commit them to your install.

This option will also save you the hustle of having to download the beta plugins, deactivate the original, install, test, uninstall, wait for the stable version and upgrade – what a lot of inconvenience right?

So go ahead and grab yourself a test site here: – if you are an existing member please login first. For all new members you’ll be presented with the option to register for both membership as well a test site.

Current available for testing are both the Fourteen Extended Beta 1.2.2 plugin and the WP Default Fourteen child theme (Beta version). The child theme introduces a couple of options –

  1. Set the featured section to full width i.e. above the content area including the left sidebar.
  2. Set the home blog feed to grid format to mimic the grid featured section.
  3. A slightly modified Author page thanks to Nexia

Changes to the Fourteen Extended are mainly code based to accommodate the child theme so you wont notice much of it visually unless you are using the child theme 🙂

  1. One important change worth noting here is that the option to set the blog feed content to excerpts now includes the archives, categories, tags and search results pages too – thanks to Nicola Brennan for the suggestion.

What’s next?

The current plan is to spend the following week ironing out bugs and addressing previously reported issues to be included in the release of the stable version by the end of the week.

Once v1.2.2 is out in to the wild, work will begin on a few other suggestions made by you – will be looking at adding control on typography i.e. options to change font sizes and fonts used for various elements. In addition, some research is need to find the best way to address the handling of the theme’s colors – this might just be an add on to Fourteen Extended plugin!

Watch this space for more 🙂

P.S. For those of you that are happy with downloading and testing the beta version on your own installs then the links will be up later on today – need to iron out a couple of kinks I noticed on the demo site first.

Extended Beta Version 1.2.1

Please Note: Beta version is basically the same plugin as the stable version and only named so in order to facilitate ease of testing and removal without loosing your settings. So with that in mind, please do remember to deactivate Fourteen Extended first before activating the beta version if you are doing the test on the same/live site.

Beta version testing time is here again folks 🙂

Please find a copy of the latest version ready for testing and debugging.

In this version we have new options

  • For finer Featured content control – set number of posts for grid/slider plus switch between 3 and 4 column grid layout.
  • Option to set full width page to true full width by removing the left sidebar on per page basis.
  • Bug fix on full width images – confined to in content post thumbnails so as to not effect other areas like the sidebar.

Once again, thank you for using Fourteen Extended plugin and for your continual support and feedback.

Depending on feedback and if there are any bugs to fix or not the stable version 1.2.1 will go live between Wednesday and Friday.

Download Beta Version 1.2.1
[wpdm_file id=1]