FourteenXtd Child Theme

UPDATE: Theme now being renamed – working on a suitable name and will then release a beta version for testing while waiting for the stable version to be review for inclusion in the WordPress repository.

UPDATED to v1.0.2 – 2014/02/04. Please note that this theme has now been deprecated and no new updates will be issued – Use Sequel instead. Only use this theme as a starting point for your own child theme development!

  • Added option to upload a logo in place of site title.

Time to get started with child themes that will go hand in hand with Fourteen Extended for ease of customization. The reason for adopting the child theme route is two folds…

  1. To avoid code over bloat in the plugin.
  2. Simply put, not all functions needed to achieve the many customizations being requested are suited to being in the plugin. And in addition, some functions required only work via a theme due to the need for template manipulation.

So here we go with the first child theme – FourteenXtd. Pronounced just like the plugin, Fourteen Extended – lol, blame it on a lack of imagination.

FourteenXtd aims to solve a particular issue many user are having with the site header image especially when the site width is set to a higher value than that set in the parent theme.

The theme adds an extra field in the customization to set the overall max-height of the header image while still allowing for height flexibility.

More options to come and you are all welcome to request features and make suggestions for improvements.

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WordPress 3.8 First Update

The first update for WordPress 3.8 is now out – WordPress 3.8.1 was released yesterday and if your site supports it, the background update will take place automatically for you. Otherwise simply venture in to your dashboard and click the update link and follow the standard procedure.

Here’s what the Make Core team’s official announcement had to say about version 3.8.1

Version 3.8.1 is a maintenance releases that addresses 31 bugs in 3.8, including various fixes and improvements for the new dashboard design and new themes admin screen. An issue with taxonomy queries in WP_Query was resolved. And if you’ve been frustrated by submit buttons that won’t do anything when you click on them (or thought you were going crazy, like some of us), we’ve found and fixed this “dead zone” on submit buttons.

It also contains a fix for embedding tweets (by placing the URL to the tweet on its own line), which was broken due to a recent Twitter API change. (For more on Embeds, see the Codex.)

I would like to encourage you all to check the Fourteen Extended settings and report any issues if any so that I can get them addressed as soon as possible.

Video In Excerpts Twenty Fourteen

There is something peculiar about the default theme Twenty Fourteen!

So I created a function for Fourteen Extended to switch Twenty Fourteen to show excerpts including videos on the home page and it worked perfectly on my local server. But when I installed the plugin on a remote server it just didn’t work, I mean the videos just did not work – on some sites I got the link output in the content and on other sites I got a black space where the content should be.

Reworked the function multiple times and tested over and over again with the same results :-$….then I remember reading in the forum something about Twenty Fourteen and how it saves its transients and it clicked. It had to be that, transients needed to be flushed in order for the changes to take effect – but how do you flush them out so that you can start over again?

This has to me the most ridiculous way I’ve ever had to deal with a theme in order to get new settings to take effect and work as they should. So here’s how you get Twenty Fourteen to reset its transients (i.e. delete them).

For my purpose (get Fourteen Extended to work as intended) I changed all of the settings to their default values and saved – this returned Twenty Fourteen to almost its normal state. Remember we are working in the theme Customizer here – so lets get out and go to the plugins section where I deactivated Fourteen Extended.

I then went back in to the Customizer changed the sidebar menu so that I could save the settings again. After doing so I exited the customizer back in to the theme’s page where I proceeded to activate the Twenty Thirteen theme and then back in to the customizer, changed something in order to be able to save settings. At this point its important to visit the site’s front end and refresh it a couple of times by hitting the F5 key.

Return to the admin area and on to the themes page and reactivate Twenty Fourteen then visit the customizer, change something and save. Visit front end and refresh a couple of times then go back in to the Admin area and the plugins page where I activated the Fourteen Extended plugin before going back in to the Customizer.

Selected the desired options generated by the plugin, saved and exited the customizer and on to the front end – refreshed the site and voila, it worked. I now have the site set to excerpts with the first video showing up for the Video Post Formats. Take a look at the post below this one 🙂

So there you have it, that is how you get Twenty Fourteen to play nice with your desired settings.

There have been other reports of things not working or appearing as they should – I believe it is the same problem as outlined above that is causing the issues. So if for some reason a setting or a plugin does not seem to be working as advertised try the above before knocking on the theme’s or the relevant plugin’s forum doors.

If all else fails by all means drop by the forums and raise a thread where some of the wonderful volunteers will be more than happy to help.

Fourteen Extended

Fourteen Extended, is a new WordPress plugin specifically designed for the current WordPress default theme – Twenty Fourteen.

The aim of this plugin is to provide end users the options for tweaking the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme without touching a line of code. Using this new plugin you are able to make your theme centrally aligned, align the top menu to the left, go semi full width by hiding the right or left sidebar,  go complete full width by hiding both right and left sidebars, add support for FitVids, Slider width and height control – see below for full list of options available:

  1. Center align the entire site.
  2. v1.1.5 – Set Site desired width
  3. Set Content desired maximum width
  4. Set Blog feed to full width.
  5. Set single posts to full width.
  6. Set content off the featured image i.e. move content below the post featured image.
  7. Adjust the content max-width up to 874px for that uniform look – default is 474px.
  8. Float the Primary menu to the left.
  9. Slider controls – width, height and background off.
  10. Image control for thumbnails.
  11. User excerpts for home/index blog feed.
  12. Set excerpt length.
  13. Show featured content in blog feed.
  14. v1.1.5 now with option to show first video as the excerpt.
  15. v1.1.5 – Remove above content white space
  16. v1.1.5 – Remove widget title top border

And there are many more new options/features currently under development.

Current Stable version v1.1.9

Current Beta version v1.2.0-beta

Direct Download For Beta Version:
[wpdm_file id=1]

I’m working on improving this plugin as well as adding more features.  So do feel free to let me know what I’ve missed and what you’d like to see added. Feedback, suggestions and comments below, please.

Please note that all comments have been moved to the Fourteen Extended forum and all responses and replies will be given in the forum – in order to avoid flooding this article and confusion on responses, comments are now closed.

Hello WP World!

Welcome to WordPress Default Themes Add Ons where I’ll aim to create child themes as well as plugins to enhance/add on functionality to the prevailing WordPress Default Theme.

Please take a look around and let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see added or done better. You’re more than welcome to suggest and/or request features, share code and insight and help out in the community generally.

All material on this site – code, themes and plugins are Open Source and released under the terms of the GPL.