Fourteen Extended

Fourteen Extended, is a new WordPress plugin specifically designed for the current WordPress default theme – Twenty Fourteen.

The aim of this plugin is to provide end users the options for tweaking the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme without touching a line of code. Using this new plugin you are able to make your theme centrally aligned, align the top menu to the left, go semi full width by hiding the right or left sidebar,  go complete full width by hiding both right and left sidebars, add support for FitVids, Slider width and height control – see below for full list of options available:

  1. Center align the entire site.
  2. v1.1.5 – Set Site desired width
  3. Set Content desired maximum width
  4. Set Blog feed to full width.
  5. Set single posts to full width.
  6. Set content off the featured image i.e. move content below the post featured image.
  7. Adjust the content max-width up to 874px for that uniform look – default is 474px.
  8. Float the Primary menu to the left.
  9. Slider controls – width, height and background off.
  10. Image control for thumbnails.
  11. User excerpts for home/index blog feed.
  12. Set excerpt length.
  13. Show featured content in blog feed.
  14. v1.1.5 now with option to show first video as the excerpt.
  15. v1.1.5 – Remove above content white space
  16. v1.1.5 – Remove widget title top border

And there are many more new options/features currently under development.

Current Stable version v1.1.9

Current Beta version v1.2.0-beta

Direct Download For Beta Version:
[wpdm_file id=1]

I’m working on improving this plugin as well as adding more features.  So do feel free to let me know what I’ve missed and what you’d like to see added. Feedback, suggestions and comments below, please.

Please note that all comments have been moved to the Fourteen Extended forum and all responses and replies will be given in the forum – in order to avoid flooding this article and confusion on responses, comments are now closed.

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