Fourteen Extended Beta 1.2.3

Beta Version 1.2.3 is now ready for testing.

PLEASE NOTE: As with previous beta versions, essentially this is the same plugin as the stable versions i.e. same functions are employed. So before you activate the plugin please be sure to deactivate the stable version first otherwise you’ll get a “Can Not Re-declare Warning” .

With that said, here’s what is happening with this version

== Changelog ==

= 1.2.3 =

  • Reintroducing the featured-content.php template – Jetpack conflict can not be recreated and the two works fine together.
  • NEW: Added option to switch Primary (Left) Sidebar to the right of content-sidebar {Experimental}.
  • NEW: Added option to select featured order by – By Date Order | Random Order | Title Menu Order | Order By Post Name
  • NEW: Added options to switch featured display order – Descending Order | Ascending Order.
  • Fixed Undefined index Notice reported here:

Removing the featured-content.php from the previous version not only was it a hard decision to make but a bad one too – I should have investigated and tested thoroughly before proceeding with the move. For that, my sincere apologies.

I have therefore reintroduced the file as it has a few modifications in it from the original that made things work better than they do without it. And in my testing and re-testing I could not replicated the reported issues with Jetpack – but I do welcome a second opinion so please do let me know if things break or don’t function as they should.

The “Switch Primary Sidebar” to the right is marked as “Experimental” as it needs good testing and this is where I need your help. Please test this option any which way you can, try to break it and if it does then let me know – together we can fix/work it 🙂

The next two options are also experimental – some combinations will not work as well for some Custom Post Types as they do for posts, so once again I’m relaying on your feed back to get things working the way we all want them to.

OK, enough rumbling on – here’s the download link, happy testing 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Fourteen Extended Beta 1.2.3”

  1. Hi,

    I am still having an issue with featured posts where I have the tag ‘featured’ but what seems to be happening is that the latest posts are inserted into featured area instead of posts with the tag assigned.

    1. Hello Steve,

      The issue with the “featured” tag is an ongoing known issue with Twenty Fourteen and Jetpack.

      In a prior version of Fourteen Extended the featured-content.php was packaged with plugin that seemed to have had that issue resolved but then arose a side effect with Jetpack so the file had to be removed temporarily.

      The upcoming v1.2.3 of Fourteen Extended re-introduces the featured content file and we hope it will resolve a number of issues being faced without – look out for an update notice in the next 24 hours.

      Do let us know how it goes once updated 🙂


      1. Zulf,

        I just need to let you know that this plugin solved an I had with the alignment – much appreciated for the plugin and your quick response above … duly noted and much appreciated. I will test as soon as I see the update!

  2. Zulf,

    Just so that we are on the same page …

    I did try with the 1.2.3. beta version which does not solve the featured tag issue.

    When you say that the featured tag issue is between 2014 and Jetpack, I need to say without the plugin all works fine. When the plugin is activated – the featured tag has an issue.

    Your plug is really good and helps my site look great with center alignment …



    1. OK, I think I’ll have to give this issue a whole new approach to see what gives – going for a fresh setup, default themes, TUT data, 1 plugin and the “featured” tag.

      The aim will be to have this resolved for v1.2.4!

      Will update all as soon as I can.


  3. Hi Zulf,

    I have just installed 1.2.3 and decided to see what effect the new options have on my site – , but as I suspected I got into deep trouble.

    I clicked to change the order of featured posts (a new feature) and then decided to put it back to the default (by date), but it show the OLDEST posts first and my very fresh, first posts – LAST! This didn’t happen until I changed the option for experimentation.

    How can I go back quickly to 1.2.2 or any other way to fix this quickly?
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for picking up on that – looks like the option still need more work.

      For interested parties, there’s a conversation on this issue here: – if you can give feedback I’ll very much appreciate it 🙂

      If I could add, I want us all to think of this plugin as our “the community’s” plugin and not Zulf’s plugin. You are the user and therefore how it works for you is more important than anything else. Please give as much feedback during testing and application so that we can continue to make it better for all concerned 🙂

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi Zulf,

    First, thanks for the great plugin… It truly is a must-have!

    I wonder if you have come across this problem before – it might need a little explaining as it might be something most people haven’t touched upon – yet.

    I am in the process of creating an archive site – on my local machine at the moment – which means that I am writing reports on events that need to be backdated. After saving each post and then changing the published date, everything was displaying nicely with the “latest” article first, working downwards.

    Since the upgrade, this has been completely messed up, in that it appears that the actual “published” dates are being ignored, and the display order is following the actual post creation order. This means that they are not appearing in the order I want. This entire feature doesn’t seem to work, in that it doesn’t change if I toggle between ascending and descending – and every time I create a new article and change the date, it just sits at the bottom of the display rather than slot into its rightful place.

    All of the other ordering mechanisms are working just fine.


    1. Hello Rick,

      Thank you for reporting and giving feedback on the issues – I’ve had similar reports back so yes, unfortunately that is a bug in the new function in need of fixing.

      I’m away for the weekend attending a funeral so it’ll be early next week before I can dedicate time to this to search for the bug and a fix. So please do bare with me and I’ll do my best to get a fix out as soon as possible.


  5. Hi Zulfikar, great plugin!

    I have a suggestion/question.
    Your plugin’s center option works great for the aesthetics of one’s webpage (mine is I don’t want mine to look crowded, but to be clean and informative. It is very fancy now, but I would like to use also the right side bar (or maybe the left side bar too) where I can put links of videos and images from sections of my webpage. I need to have more links around so people visit various things on my webpage. I now how to enable the left and right side bars, but they appear inside the centered area (which is let’s say 1260px for my website right now). I want these to appear on the far right let’s say (or if you hover on a small button on the right, they appear there).

    Do you think it is possible and achievable to have this kind of option in your plugin?
    I am open to any other ideas too.

    Thank you in advance
    Cheers 🙂

    1. Hello Tisho,

      Do you think it is possible and achievable to have this kind of option in your plugin?

      Having such an option is very much possible but how it would fit in with this plugin I’m not sure yet. Let me take a look the available code options to see if it sit ok within Fourteen Extended or if its better of in its own plugin and I’ll get back you as soon as possible.


      1. Hi Zulfikar,
        Just a note you might want to look in to:

        The tag according to which posts are displayed in the featured section on a webpage (let’s say the word “featured”) doesn’t work and EVERY post goes into the featured section no matter if it has the “magic” word in its tag or not.

        Thanks 🙂

        1. Thanks for the feedback Tisho.

          Currently reworking the function for the Featured images and the resizing issue and as soon as I’m done with that I’ll dive back in to the Featured Content function to see if it can be better defined to work with minimal configurations.


          1. Hi Zulfikar,
            I just wanted to give you a heads up that the “featured” tag doesn’t work anymore, meaning that once you put it on a post as a tag so this post is displayed on the Home page, then you can’t remove the post from the Home page any more by removing the “featured” tag.
            Thank you

          2. Thank you for the heads up Tisho.

            Just getting back online and will be looking in to all issue with the hope of getting them resolved as soon as possible.


  6. Thank you for your response, Zulfikar! I appreciate it!
    Having the Content Sidebar or/and and the Primary Left Bar on the far right and far left on the screen (and not in the centered area) will be a great addition!

    I will wait for what you have to say about this.

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