Fourteen Extended Beta Version

Just a couple of quick notes on updates.

Fourteen Extended v1.2.0 is due for release at the end of this week and it is therefore time for beta testing on the new additions.

Here are the current proposed changes addition for v1.2.0

  • NEW: Added option to remove the featured content altogether from front end as well as the customizer section.
  • Moved the option to show featured content in the blog feed to the TwentyFourteen Content Options section where it makes more sense.
  • NEW: Added Selectivizr and Respond javascripts for better IE support.
  • NEW: Beefed up security check on data input

I hope that these changes will go some way to improve on the current options and if there’s anything that seems out of place or you feel needs improving, and if you believe something can be handle differently and better then I’d love to hear your views.

I’ve also updated the FourteenXtd child theme with an option to add an image logo in place of the site title. Again, I look forward to your views, suggestions and feedback on this too.

Many thanks for staying with me and for your continuing support.

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