Fourteen Extended

Fourteen Extended, is a new WordPress plugin specifically designed for the current WordPress default theme – Twenty Fourteen.

The aim of this plugin is to provide end users the options for tweaking the Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme without touching a line of code. Using this new plugin you are able to make your theme centrally aligned, align the top menu to the left, go semi full width by hiding the right or left sidebar,Β  go complete full width by hiding both right and left sidebars, add support for FitVids, Slider width and height control – see below for full list of options available:

  1. Center align the entire site.
  2. v1.1.5 – Set Site desired width
  3. Set Content desired maximum width
  4. Set Blog feed to full width.
  5. Set single posts to full width.
  6. Set content off the featured image i.e. move content below the post featured image.
  7. Adjust the content max-width up to 874px for that uniform look – default is 474px.
  8. Float the Primary menu to the left.
  9. Slider controls – width, height and background off.
  10. Image control for thumbnails.
  11. User excerpts for home/index blog feed.
  12. Set excerpt length.
  13. Show featured content in blog feed.
  14. v1.1.5 now with option to show first video as the excerpt.
  15. v1.1.5 – Remove above content white space
  16. v1.1.5 – Remove widget title top border

And there are many more new options/features currently under development.

Current Stable version v1.1.9

Current Beta version v1.2.0-beta

Direct Download For Beta Version:
[wpdm_file id=1]

I’m working on improving this plugin as well as adding more features.Β  So do feel free to let me know what I’ve missed and what you’d like to see added. Feedback, suggestions and comments below, please.

Please note that all comments have been moved to the Fourteen Extended forum and all responses and replies will be given in the forum – in order to avoid flooding this article and confusion on responses, comments are now closed.

25 thoughts on “Fourteen Extended”

  1. When the page setup is resized with overall max-width and hiding the left sidebar the thumbnails needs to be updateade as this remains at 672×372.

    1. 672×372 is the default size defined in functions.php of the theme and that value is not currently being changed by the plugin.

      Still looking in to better ways to override the default thumbnail settings of the theme and will implement the best possible option as soon as possible.

  2. Sounds great!

    Another one; if I’m not out on deep water it seems that when the left sidebar is hidden it will not be presented good in IE8 or later because of special CSS needed.

    1. Dang that IE thing!

      I should get myself an old machine to test on those older versions of IE – Not seen any issues on IE10 and 11 though.

      If its at all possible can I ask you to take some screen shots so that I can see the issue and hopeful look in to getting a fix for it? Will very much appreciate.

      1. I really would like to advise you to STOP working on this older IE quirks. I think only organisations with a bad IT-staff work with these browsers. Small chance they work with Twenty Fourteen. Let’s drag non-standard browsers to their grave.

        1. I agree and I think that is one of the reason I never test with older IE versions.

          But being a developer I still have to give consideration to the minority who love their old machines.

          Not delving in to this just yet and not dismissing it either πŸ™‚

  3. BTW: You’re doing a great job with this plugin! I study your code to become a better developer myself.

  4. I have just installed the latest update 1.1.7 and it changed something very badly!
    Now I have a gap of space directly above my featured images and above posts, something that was OK until now.
    Can you change it, please, back to how it was before or tell me of a walkthrough how to fix this? Thank you

    1. Thanks for spotting that and reporting it.

      I believe I’ve fixed the issue now – if could test the beta version out and give feedback before I commit to live I’d very much appreciate it.


      1. Yes, sure, how can you give me the beta? I am new here, so excuse me, if this is an inappropriate question.

          1. Hi Zulfikar,
            I have just installed 1.1.8-beta and I don’t see the problem, so I think you have fixed it! πŸ™‚

            On another note, I have just put a header image on my webpage ( and it looks cool. But then when I go through my website and every page has a featured image and a header on top of it, it gets a bit crowded.

            So, I have an idea that I think many people would be glad to see in your plugin:
            Can you put on option “Use Header Image only on Front Page” or something like that? This way, the header image will stay on the front page, but it will not appear when posts are open. When you go back to the front page, it will be there again.

            Thank you.
            P.S. If we could write somewhere where we won’t flood this topic?

    1. Thanks for the share Viktor.

      I’ll be running some tests on that service to see if there’s anything I can do to make things better for IE users πŸ™‚


  5. @sculpto – many thanks for testing and the feedback. Will push the new version live later today.

    As for the header, that is a good suggestion – consider it added to the TODO list and will investigate it as soon as I can.

    With reference to not flooding the topic – why didn’t I think of that πŸ˜›
    Maybe an onsite forum section would be an ideal place?


  6. I’m really liking this plugin – however, when I activate it I’ve noticed that the spacing between my posts on the blogroll shrinks and the lines which fill the space between / separate posts disappear…
    Any idea how to fix this?

    1. Hello Garethh2,

      Glad to hear you like the plugin and hope it meets most of your needs.

      Currently we are not touching any other CSS as than the content section so I’m guessing that would a side effect issue and therefore a bug. Let me look in to it and test on those elements to see what could be the cause.

      Could I ask to post this in the forum: and include a link to the site please?


        1. Could you check in your spam inbox for the email please? I’ve just done a test registration and that is where mine landed in.

          If you don’t see it then try resetting the password here: and if that does not work then drop me a line at znore @ and I’ll set a new password and email back to you.

          Thanks for your patients,

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