FourteenXtd Child Theme

UPDATE: Theme now being renamed – working on a suitable name and will then release a beta version for testing while waiting for the stable version to be review for inclusion in the WordPress repository.

UPDATED to v1.0.2 – 2014/02/04. Please note that this theme has now been deprecated and no new updates will be issued – Use Sequel instead. Only use this theme as a starting point for your own child theme development!

  • Added option to upload a logo in place of site title.

Time to get started with child themes that will go hand in hand with Fourteen Extended for ease of customization. The reason for adopting the child theme route is two folds…

  1. To avoid code over bloat in the plugin.
  2. Simply put, not all functions needed to achieve the many customizations being requested are suited to being in the plugin. And in addition, some functions required only work via a theme due to the need for template manipulation.

So here we go with the first child theme – FourteenXtd. Pronounced just like the plugin, Fourteen Extended – lol, blame it on a lack of imagination.

FourteenXtd aims to solve a particular issue many user are having with the site header image especially when the site width is set to a higher value than that set in the parent theme.

The theme adds an extra field in the customization to set the overall max-height of the header image while still allowing for height flexibility.

More options to come and you are all welcome to request features and make suggestions for improvements.

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