Starter Child Theme

Just a simple starter theme to get you going.

This one has only one function – it adds a widget area above the left sidebar secondary menu!

Its all yours – do whatever you like with it, like make something awesome 🙂

[wpdm_file id=4 title=”true” desc=”true” ]

2 thoughts on “Starter Child Theme”

  1. I was using fourteen extended with great results (specifically for post content width) but I then downloaded the newest version of the twenty fourteen theme and suddenly your plugin did not work so well. Do you know if the Beta version of fourteen extended is compatible with twenty fourteen version 1.1?

    Thank you for designing fourteen extended. It is a great help for people like me whose knowledge of WP is limited.


    Darryl Crum

    1. Hello Darryl,

      Could you be more specific as to what is no longer working? Both the theme and plugin have a large code base and without any specifics to test against it would be impossible to say if there is a compatibility issue or not.

      Let me know and I’ll look in to it as soon as possible.


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